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  1. Boiler repairs

    Boiler repairs    Boiler repairs Most boilers can be repaired for around £80.00 If parts or extra labour required its normally an extra £50.00 labour…

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  2. Boiler installation

        Boiler Installation We will go through the different boiler installation options to pick the right boiler for you Only fit good boilers, if…

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  3. Boiler Plan

    Plan 1 Fire only £7 per month Sign up Plan 2 Fire only £7 per month Sign up Plan 3 Fire only £7 per month…

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  4. Boiler Servicing Terms & Conditions

      IMPORTANT INFORMATION There are certain conditions and exclusions which limit your cover; please read the policy and policy schedule carefully to ensure it meets…

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  5. Boiler Servicing Plans

      Plan 1 £5 per month Sign up Boiler and controls Annual boiler service Plan 2 £10 per month Sign up Central heating Annual boiler…

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  6. heating services liverpool

    Heating Services Liverpool     One of the most questions i get asked is how much is a new boiler going to cost? This is…

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  7. boiler repairs

    Aigburth Plumbing and Heating

        Contact 07927062866 or 0800-193-3006     Aigburth Plumbing and Heating  Boiler Installations   Aigburth Plumbing and Heating team can swap a boiler over…

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  8. Siliconing a shower/bath

    Procedure Remove old silicone with a flat head screwdriver, and a razor blade (plastic or metal) dispose of old silicone in bin, hoover any leftover…

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  9. Green deal News

    Concerns over SME access to Green Deal   15 May 2013 Small building companies need fairer access to the Green Deal market if the shortage…

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  10. Landlord Gas safety Certificates

    Annual certificate to prove gas appliance working safely   Landlords’ have a duty of care and are responsible for the safety of their Tenants when…

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