Combi boiler we can fit for as little as £1,000 supplied and fittedaigburth plumbing and heating/> Combi boiler we can fit for as little as £1,000 supplied and fitted

Combi Boiler

Combi boiler


Combi boiler

Viessmann boiler, 7 year parts and labour guarantee



A Combi boiler is the most common form of boiler system in the UK, and provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand.

There are several different types of combi boiler to choose from, they typically work by taking cold water straight from the mains supply and heating it as you need it eliminating the need for a separate hot water cylinder or storage tank.

They are much better economically as you don’t have to heat a tank of hot water all the time which is a lot of energy waste


Combi boiler – Advantages

  • Instant hot water
  • Easy to Install
  • Up to 10 years guarantee on some installations
  • Parts easy to get hold of
  • Save on energy bills no need for hot water cylinders
  • Mains pressure from the taps and shower
  • No need for water tanks in loft or airing cupboard
  • Pressure goes down on boiler to shower you have a leak somewhere
  • As long as they’re serviced should last you at least 15 years


Combi boiler – Disadvantages

  • Can be without hot water and heating if they break down
  • No back up immersion heater for hot water if required
  • 22mm pipe from meter needs to be installed
  • Can be expensive if you have 2 bathrooms or more as you need a large one to cope with the demand for hot water


Combi boiler – Brands

  • Viessmann
  • Vaillant
  • Baxi
  • Worcester
  • Ideal
  • Potterton