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24 hour plumbing



We do a lot of work in the plumbing side of things.  Our vast knowledge of plumbing issues will save you time and money in the long run.  We won’t be there all day unless it’s a big job, most emergencies can be completed in the maximum of 3 hours.  No call-out charge we can give you a price there and then and that is the price you pay.


Plumbing can be very frustrating if you don’t know what your doing, I have seen bad leaks where over time it has damaged ceilings, kitchen cupboards, floors etc.  You must make sure every joint and fitting is soldered or if using push-fit is installed properly.  If it’s not then the above problems will appear over time.  Remember on all plumbing push-fit fittings to slightly loosen the nut when pushing the 15mm or 22 mm pipe through, this makes it easier to push the pipe in fully, those little black o rings can get trapped by the pipe causing leaks when you urn the water back on.



It’s not just plumbing that we’re good at In the above picture you can see how we have installed a fully fitted bathroom from scratch, i will try and get the pictures on how the bathroom looked previously before we had done the work.  One of our customers also asked me to do a garage conversion with an ensuite bathroom for when the sister came over to stay so it was on the ground floor.  From insulating the concrete floor to finishing the en-suite bathroom this was a fantastic success.  I visited the house recently and even without the heating on it was really warm inside.


All our engineers are fully qualified and have the right plumbing and heating qualifications.