Power flush this will dramatically increase the heating output in your homeaigburth plumbing and heating/> Power flush this will dramatically increase the heating output in your home

Power Flush

Power Flush


 power flush








To detect if you have sludge build up in your heating system the first thing you will notice is the radiators at the top are nice and warm but at the bottom near the radiator valves you will feel cold spots.  This is where the sludge has settled by the radiator valves and is stopping the water circulating properly around the system.


We will at first drain the heating system, fill the system back up again and flush it out.  If the system is really bad we will remove the radiator off the wall and blast with a hose outside.  This water can be as thick as tar sometimes so really need to be removed.


A typical power flush will cost in the region of £400.00.  This includes all radiators and the chemicals to flush out all the sludge.  You will see a dramatic increase in the heating output once this has been done.




What are the benefits of a Power Flush?

• Reduced fuel bill (up to 25%)
• Improved central heating efficiency
• Removes magnetite sludge
• Cleans the whole system, including under floor pipe work
• Increases pump life
• Quicker heat up times
• Reduces boiler noise
• Stops hydrogen gases building up which then cause radiator corrosion

Does my central heating system need a Power Flush?

If your central heating system has any of the following symptoms, it probably needs a POWER FLUSH.

• Radiator water is dirty
• System is slow to heat up
• Radiators need frequent bleeding
• Boiler failure or lockout
Boiler noise
• Pump failure
• Pump noise
• Some radiators are partially or completely cold
• Blocked radiators
• Pinhole leaks from radiators

These problems are a result of internal corrosion scale and sludge forming within your central heating system. Power Flush is the only way to give your system a new lease of life and is by for the cheapest option in the long run.