Radiators: Choosing the right sizes to heat your homeaigburth plumbing and heating/> Radiators: Choosing the right sizes to heat your home



BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a measurement of the energy used in choosing the right sized radiators. Once you know the btu’s for each room you can get the right sized radiators so the room gets hot enough without feeling cold. B & Q have an on-line calculator which makes life a little easier:

Click on the link to go straight to the calculator: radiator calculator




Single panel radiators


  • you would normally fit these in bedrooms at they don’t give off as much heat


Double Panel plus radiators


  • These are mid-range and depending on size will go anywhere in the house


Double panel radiators


  • These normally throw off the most heat and good in lounge areas or where you like to relax of an evening

Radiator problems: Cold on top

  • turn off boiler
  • radiator needs bleeding
  • with a bleed key, locate nipple at top of radiators and turn key anti-clockwise
  • once you hear air coming out and replaced with water shut back down again
  • top up boiler if required using filling loop 1 – 2 bar
  • turn boiler back on, radiator should work fine now

Radiator problems: Cold on bottom

  • turn off boiler
  • make sure thermostatic valve is on tight and turned fully anti-clockwise
  • turn boiler on radiators should now work
  • there is a lockshield valve on the other side of radiator, you need an adjustable spanner and turn anti-clockwise

Radiator problems: Cold on bottom

  • this could be a sign of sludge in radiators
  • system power-flushed, contact us you are looking in the region of £400.00
  • take a look at our power-flush page