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Shower pumps that improve the pressure in your bathroom

Shower Pumps


Most shower pumps are gravity fed so they are fitted at the bottom of the hot water cylinder.


shower pumps

Below you will find basic guidelines to demonstrate how to install a twin impellor pump, pumping both your hot and cold water supplies to a shower valve.  A shower pump is normally installed if you don’t have a combi boiler and need extra boost in the shower area.


If you need specific pump details you can now download the installation instructions for each model on the individual product pages, i have set up a link here to Salamanda but each pump comes with an installation manual after purchase.


Cold Water Storage


Its important the right amount of storage of cold water will feed your hot water cylinder. 225 litres or 50 gallons is normally adequate for most showering applications.

You can buy negative head pumps but most pumps are gravity fed so the best place to position the pump would be at the bottom of the hot water cylinder.

The installation of the water supply from the cold water storage tank to your pump is straight forward. Use a separate 22mm outlet connection from the cold water storage tank, we recommend this is drilled on the opposite side of the tank to the float valve, this prevents air locks which are a plumbers nightmare.

It is good plumbing practice to next fit a 22mm gate valve in your new cold water supply pipe. You should always include a way of isolating the water supplies both at source and locally to the pump you are installing.

shower pumps

This supply can now feed the pump inlet,  all the Salamanda pumps come with isolators its important these are fitted correctly on the incoming side to the pump.

It does not matter whether the pump has 22mm or 15mm connections, by supplying the pump with a 22mm supply complete with the full bore valves the suction side of the pump will not be restricted.

I don’t put any elbows, fittings between the tank and the pump, i want a nice flow of water without any restrictions, this may not look as neat in the airing cupboard but the consumer will have no problems in the future with the installation


The RSP 75 model is a good example of a pump with 22mm connections and the CT 50 has 15mm connections.


Hot water storage


The best position for shower pumps is at the base of the hot water cylinder. There are many described ways of connecting to a hot water cylinder, but there is one way that is the best. We recommend you install a separate connection that is not restricted and ensures that little air can get into the pump. It is important to note thatif its not connected properly the pump with burn out quicker than normal.

With this in mind use a dedicated flange to connect to the hot water cylinder. A non stop Essex flange will give the least resistance and is best for 22mm pumps, if you are fitting a 15mm pump a Surrey or a Salamander S-Flange will be sufficient.

Assuming you have followed this advice then you will only need to fit 1 separate full bore isolating valve to the supply pipe as your pump will be within reaching distance of the cylinder.

Flush Pipe Work Prior To Connecting to the Pump

Once you have connected the supply pipes to the pump it is now time to prime the pump. Firstly, with the electrical supply off run one bucket of water out of both the hot and the cold sides of the pump until the water has run clear and there is no apparent air.

You can now run the pipes to the shower valve, if the pump has 22mm connections then it is best practice to run 22mm pipe close to the shower valve. If the pump has 15mm connections then run your pipe in 15mm. Please Note: If the pipes from your pump to the shower run back up to the loft then you will need to fit air vents in the highest pipe position.

You should fit isolating valves in an accessible position close to the shower valve for servicing, now flush your pipes again prior to connecting the shower valve. Then make your connections to your shower.